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Think of Sai!! Talk of Sai!! Saibaba Satsang on 19th September 2015 from 3PM-7PM

posted Sep 15, 2015, 4:42 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 15, 2015, 4:43 PM ]

GURUJI:  Love is the experience of the presence of fulfilment. Usually we find that something triggers that experience and we say that we love what triggers it. People always have something they want, but often it is very abstract and unclear; they do not know wat it is. And our whole life is trying to make concrete what our abstract sense of fulfilment is, whatever gives us real fulfilment. Some people in life come across a person – the Sadguru – where that love is triggered. You don’t find any reason why, but it gives you an indescribable sense of security, of trust, of fulfilment, where all your accumulated so-called likes and dislikes simple fade into nothingness. And it is not because those liked and dislikes are fulfilled that it is like that : something happens,  and experiencing, expressing, and expanding that experience is love.

Dear Gurubandhus,

With the grace and blessings of Lord Sainath and Beloved Babuji, Let us gather at following location to participate in Shirdi Saibaba Satsang from 3PM to 7PM on Saturday, 19th September  2015

3PM-5PM: Listening to Guruji's Satsangs and Sharing

5PM-7PM: Regular Satsang Activities (Listing to Namam, Satsang Clips, Reading, Sharing)

14114 Via Corsini

San Diego CA - 92128


Please feel free to forward this invite to any one interested in participating in the satsang. 

In Love With Baba and Guruji,