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Think of Sai!! Talk of Sai!! Saibaba Satsang this Saturday 9/22/2012 from 5PM to 7PM

posted Sep 20, 2012, 10:22 PM by Sandiego Satsang
                                                              Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
                                                                    Sadguru Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji Ki Jai

GURUJI: NISHTHA is one of the PAISA baba asked for as DAKSHINA. It means Paying attention,keeping our mind on our purpose,asking ourselves, ‘what do we want, where are we going, what are we doing?’ Remaining steady and devoted to our purpose whatever comes, whether palatable or not, whether happy or unhappy, just persevering in it, that is NISHTHA. It is natural to any beggar , in fact – a real beggar Perseveres ! if Someone doesn’t give, or chases him away, he won’t go. He will keep on asking, “Sir, one ruppee, one ruppee, “ but he doesn’t go. He sticks to his purpose, he’ll keep pursuing it. Learn NISTHA from him.

  The other PAISA baba asked for was SABURI. SABURI is happily waiting, not compaining, “Oh,this is too much, I can’t take it!” or getting disappointed and easily frustrated, or giving up out of impatience. Waiting Cheerfully, with patience and love, that is SABURI.

Dear Gurubandhus,
With the grace and blessings of Lord Sainath and Beloved Babuji, Let us gather at following location to participate in Shirdi Saibaba Satsang from 5PM to 7PM on Saturday, 22nd September 2012.
5PM-7PM: Regular Satsang Activities (Listing to Namam, Satsang Clips, Reading, Sharing)
7PM-8PM: Prasad and SaiQuiz
Sai Residence
14114 Via Corsini
San Diego, CA 92128

In Love With Baba And Babuji,
SAI' SEE'kers,
SaiSrika, Ramakrishna, Padma.
858-366-2633 (M)
858-578-7744 (H)