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Think of Sai!! Talk of Sai!! Saibaba Satsang, Saturday (02/23/2013) from 3PM to 7PM

posted Feb 19, 2013, 4:36 PM by Sandiego Satsang   [ updated Feb 19, 2013, 4:36 PM ]

GURUJI: She is asking how to culture, how to nurture, how to develop, how to make the love

grow. There is no method, or a technique to make it grow. The only thing is, when you realize

that you have love and you have a need for that love, and you want to realize that love, then

try to create an environment, or to be in an environment, where that love is widely cultivated.

Then it will grow on its own. When a congenial environment is provided, the plant grows,

that’s all. What can you do to make a plant grow? Nothing. You can only give support, water,

fertilizer, the proper environment. That is what you have to give. That is enough. Will you

take a sapling, straighten it, and then it grows? [Guruji laughs]


Dear Gurubandhus,

With the grace and blessings of Lord Sainath and Beloved Babuji, Let us gather at following location to participate in Shirdi Saibaba Satsang from 3PM to 7PM on Saturday, 23rd February 2013. 

3PM-4:30PM: Listening to Guruji's Satsangs and Sharing 
4:30PM -5:00PM: Arati Sharing with LA Gurubandhus
5PM-7PM: Regular Satsang (Listing to Namam, Satsang Clips, Sharing)
7PM-8PM: Prasad and SaiQuiz

Lajolla Cross Roads
9155 Judicial Dr, # 5220 (2nd Floor) 
San Diego, CA 92122

Gate Access:1357, Please call us if you can't locate a parking spot right away.

In Love With Baba and Guruji,
SaiSEEkers: Saison, Kiran, Annu