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Think of Sai!! Talk of Sai!! Saibaba Satsang on Saturday, 15 September 2012 from 10AM to 7PM

posted Sep 13, 2012, 9:54 AM by Sandiego Satsang
Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
Sadguru Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji Ki Jai

GURUJI: Now you have a hundred pulls in your heart, a hundred desires, a hundred needs, as you said, “partial goals, small pulls, small goals”. Our heart is full of these molecules but they are in conflict with one another. By coming in contact with a magnet, what happens is all these pulls come into order, into perfect harmony. Nothing is lost and nothing is added, but you gain! You become a magnet! You get that power of the magnetism. Everything is in perfect harmony, perfect integration. That is grace.

      On its own the piece of iron can’t do anything, so it needs a magnet. That magnet is called a Satguru. Baba is the magnet. We are all pieces of iron. By constantly thinking of him, being in contact, being in his presence, we make this piece of iron a magnet, in a fulfilling, happy and harmonious way. Complete fulfillment is our goal and we are all racing towards that goal! And when we get it, it becomes grace. And that “G”- factor is the guru [laughter], that which makes the race the grace – guru-G! [laughter]


Source: http://saipatham.saibaba.com/rose-petals/apr2012web.html


Dear Gurubandhus,

With the grace and blessings of Lord Sainath and Beloved Babuji, Let us gather at following location to participate in Shirdi Saibaba Satsang from 10AM to 7PM on Saturday, 15 September 2012.

17003 New Rochelle Way
San Diego, CA 92127

10:00AM-12:00PM: Aarti,Listening to Guruji's Satsangs and Sharing
12:00PM to 1:30 PM Lunch and sharing
1:30PM-7PM: Regular Satsang Activities (Listing to Namam, Satsang Clips, Reading, Sharing)
7:00 PM Aarti followed by Dinner and Quiz

In Love With Baba And Babuji,
SAI' SEE'ker
Omprakash, Swapna, Keerthan Sai, Viraat Sai.